Monday, July 28, 2014

Two views of the same parking lot

This photo was composed at random and without that intention. Maybe the camera didn't rewind that well and juxtaposed two different photos instead of making four versions of the same scene.

The place is the parking lot in front of Target, TJ Maxx, and Martin's in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Most people don't ask me anymore how I "made" a photo, but rather "why" and "how" I came up with that idea. I have said before that my philosophy is,

Whatever is good for me is good for my photos.
I damage the film with a liquid or water and some solids, then take the photos.

I have to take calcium because I also take a chemo pills, which can lower bone density. Since calcium is supposed to be good for me, I used it. I have damaged film with milk before. When you take a photo in the sun, or at least in a well-lit place, the photo will render a lot of pink and maybe some blue; and when you take the photos in a dark or darkish place, the image comes up pink with some green tones.

To see a batch of photos with milk, click here. (In case you have problems with the link: )

Calcium is one of those ingredients I want to use again. Maybe, next time I will use it with another ingredient. 

Two Views of the Same Parking Lot

Technical description

Analog film decomposed with water and calcium supplement pills.
Película análoga, dañada con agua y pastillas de  calcio.

Camera/Cámara: PopCam
Film/Película: Fuji 200.

Williamsburg - Richmond, Virginia

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Cathedral with a Pinhole Holga

The Cathedral with the toy camera "Pinhole Holga". La Catedral con una cámara de juguete estenopeica llamada "Pinhole Holga". Analog film decomposed with water and dirt. Película análoga, dañada con agua y tierra. Camera/Cámara: Pinhole Holga Film/Película: Fuji 200. Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia 2014 The Cathedral with a Pinhole Holga

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm back at blogging

Perhaps I shouldn't blog, because I do not post that often. I took a sabbatical. Reason? Very simple: I had chemo and radiation. That's a good excuse. But blogging should be a spontaneous and happy activity in my opinion. Blogs are not books. Blogs are not dissertations. However, blogs are a little more serious than an opinion during a casual conversation, since one has to write the opinion.

Why am I writing again? Simple.

I'm happy about photography!

Actually, I am always happy about photography, in particular about analog photography, which is what I will do from now on in this blog--I will write about my analog photography only.

Here is a link to the latest batch of photos I uploaded to my Flickr account:
Analog Selfie
Here is the link:

Description / Descripción:
Analog film decomposed with saline water and Decadron and Zofran pills. (Decadron and Zofran are pills taken after chemo treatment to avoid vomit and other side effects; I had to take them in 2012-2013)

Película análoga, dañada con suero (suero fisiológico),  Decadron y Zofran. (Las pastillas Decadron y Zofran se toman para evitar vómito y otros efectos secundarios después de los tratamientos de quimioterapia; las tomé en 2012-2013)

Camera/Cámara: Vivitar
Film/Película: Fuji 200.

Washington, DC - Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blue filter - Filtro azul

Blue Filter for iPhone - Filtro azul para iPhoneCoffee: The Most Important Meal of the DayThe Market that Says It's FreshAnd this is the sunflowerColonial Guy at Kimball TheatreSuspended at the Café at Barnes & Noble @ VCU
Sewing MachineA Nude MannequinDreamy Books

Blue filter - Filtro azul, a set on Flickr.

I'm using a patch for the burns resulting from radiation treatment. The patch is covered with a blue plastic, which I'm using as a "filter" for my iPhone--I cover the lens with this plastic and shoot.

Estoy usando un parche para las quemaduras que me dejó el tratamiento de radiación. El parche está cubierto con un plástico azul, el cual estoy usando como "filtro" para mi iPhone. Cubro el lente de la cámara con este plástico antes de tomar las fotos.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Virginia Beach - Feb 2013

Yes, I'm Dancing!This Is How I Turn to the Left, or the RightFlying - Virginia Beach in the WinterAnd This Is How You Fly When You're In Virginia BeachHello, BirdFollow the Sun
I'm Walking Like a BirdLook at my Wing!So, You Have Some Food?And We Play Like This!She's Close to me, Isn't She?Virginia Beach in the Winterr
Hunted Mansion in Virginia BeachBuilding and IceNorfolk Tunnel - El túnel de NorfolkNorfolk Tunnel - El tunel de NorfolkLive BaitAbout to Land
By Ship or by HorseKiss my...Landing, LandingMy Children Are Behaving BadlyShut Up and Follow Me, Do You Understand?Stop It, You Bird!

Virginia Beach - Feb 2013, a set on Flickr.

Trying to reconnect with this blog. :::

Saturday, July 28, 2012